Saturday, April 14, 2007

I can't wait to "?"

That's right, I cannot wait to do "?". I leave it as a question mark because I don't know what I'm waiting for. I other words, I have goals, dreams, ideas, and I just want them to fall into place without any work done on my own. That's not how the world works of course, however we do find that sometimes under crucial circumstances things are best left alone. Tax's aren't one of them, and while I type this I'm paying bills, doing my tax's, and trying to figure out how my day may settle in. I'm running on reserve energy and I know that its just going to be another Saturday were I sleep in and don't get around to the things I really need to get done.

I'm currently in the mood of "repeat" where I play a song continuously because I want my mood to stay neutral and background music helps complete this. I feel like a robot the needs to break off the assembly line of boredom and fucking live it like no one saw it coming. Instead I just find time in my day to write a blog at 5 am. Sleep isn't cool, nor would I choose to have it if I lived in a perfect world.

I'm off to the blue bin to dump paper in and watch it go the places I requested.

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